SASER - the Southern Astro Spectroscopy Email Ring

SASER - the Southern Astro Spectroscopy Email Ring - is a group of advanced amateur and professional astronomers collaborating on a number of current 'pro-am' astronomical research initiatives where southern hemisphere spectroscopic data is required. It consists primarily of two components:

The SASER maling list - where members can exchange ideas and data pertaining to particular observing campaigns, targets or techniques.

The SASER database - providing a collection point for spectral profiles (FIT) submitted by members.

We encourage anyone requiring the involvement of amateurs for specific campaigns or long term monitoring of targets to sign up to the SASER mailing list. and introduce the details of your campaign there.

Similarly, if you are a southern amateur who would like to be involved in spectroscopic campaigns, please sign up to the SASER mailing list .

Please note, general discussion on amateur spectroscopy is *not* encouraged on the SASER mailing list. We request that discussion be restricted to the campaigns and targets of interest to the group.

If you would like to discuss technique etc. we recommend the following mailing lists and forums.